This first picture was actually taken at the end of the long day and right after I was woken up from a couch nap. Its blurry shinny and overall tired. But, a family picture of East and El’s first Thanksgiving it is.


First pumpkin pie…first pie at all.

IMG_2089  IMG_2101IMG_2085  IMG_2100

At the Reynoso Thanksgiving I snapped some pictures of my nephew and niece… Oh those two just bring me so much joy. I may have had to bribe them with $1 and a cookie but I got a few shots that in my opinion are adorable.

IMG_1964-editIMG_1984-editIMG_2079  IMG_1754IMG_1765  IMG_1788IMG_1797IMG_1818  IMG_1827IMG_1830

First Thanksgiving dinner for Easton man

IMG_1842  IMG_1845IMG_1848  IMG_1849IMG_1854

Can you tell he loved it?

IMG_1872  IMG_1874IMG_1869  IMG_1875

Ni night snuggles with Great Grandpa

Happy Thanksgiving Babes.