What your neighbors do when they THINK you are at work!!!

So Tuesday I stayed home from work due to a sinus infection and apparently I have allergies wonderful huh? We have no AC in our lovely new home so our window in our bedroom is open the majority of the time. I was in bed trying to sleep and i kept on hearing some rustling around in the back yard. Finally after getting a little scared that someone was back there and I was home alone, I got up and looked out the window….The video below will describe what I saw…..(notice the little hole in the fencing on the bottom right hand side.)


I KNOW!!! I’m sure you are thinking about what I was as I woke up to this sight…HUH?!?! What is my neighbor doing? I decided to just go back to sleep. THEN I heard MORE and MORE and I’m thinking REALLY?!? So I get up and look again…. (notice the bottom left hand side this time.)


Enough said….