Close, but no Cigar

So as I mentioned on my last post there has been some crazy stuff goin’ on here in the Reynoso household. To catch you up… here is the scoop!

B and A List home for sale to see what happens

Within 2 months of being on MLS we get a FULL PRICE offer

We go forward with our For Sale By Owner paperwork and EMAILS

Open escrow with Earnest money

Buyers tell me they want to buy over $1000 worth of Furniture in my home (Sounds good to me seeing as I paid less for the items from craigslist, thrifting, DIY ect.)

Get Inspection

Fix downspout

Everything looks good smooth sailing

Start to pack up and set up for a Garage Sale (So adult… I know)

Get inspection

Keep Packing

Get the email that our house appraised for $15,000 LESS than needed

Tried to split the difference with the buyer

No go… The buyers backed out of the sale and we officially today Terminated the Sale

So now my house looks like this…

Pictures off the walls Furniture out! Closets cleared Candles all wrapped up

Ahhh… What a mess! 

I will admit it could have been a lot worse, and for that I’m thankful.

Instead of having my garage sale … I ignored the reality of my work ahead and did whatever I wanted all weekend!

This included but was not limited to:

Garage sales

Chocolate chip cookies

Date night

Retail therapy

Mexican food

Lime Berry

BBQ with BFFL’s

Trader Joes

Cousin bonding


You’ve Got Mail

Hitting the town with no Make-up (Gasp!!!)

Hope you all had a great weekend and were able to do whatever you wanted! I better get to cleaning this house!