Babies First Halloween

We were lucky enough to spend the kids first Halloween with family and good friends. In the midst of our move I saw these Carters costumes at Costco and with all the chaos that was surrounding us I said… Done. They were $7.99 and were adorable and comfortable. There were several times I felt guilty for not putting much thought into their outfits or crafting something amazing… (Cough…Ruby) But in the end… Could they have been more adorable?!? I think not. Here are a billion pictures to prove my point.

We have…. Easton the Giraffe:: Ellie the Elephant:: Jaxon the Pirate:: Nolan as Mario:: Jacklin as a Lion:: and Hayley the Peacock:: Enjoy!

Halloween 2012 (3) Halloween 2012  Halloween 2012 (1)Halloween 2012 (4)Halloween 2012 (5)  Halloween 2012 (6)Halloween 2012 (8)  Halloween 2012 (10)Halloween 2012 (9)Halloween 2012 (12)  Halloween 2012 (15)Halloween 2012 (11)Halloween 2012 (13)Halloween 2012 (7)Halloween 2012 (16)Halloween 2012 (17)  Halloween 2012 (19)Halloween 2012 (18)Halloween 2012 (20)

After the Trunk or Treat at Church (that we were more than fashionably late to) We stopped by the hospital for just a sec to show Nana the babies in their costumes as she had just had surgery earlier that day.

Halloween 2012 (22)  Halloween 2012 (24)Halloween 2012 (23)Halloween 2012 (26)

Loves from Grandpa

The Pumpkin Patch:: Setniker Farms


Typically we go out to Bauman Farms for pumpkin patch fun but this year we had a few obstacles, higher chance of rain as the day went on and 4 babies feeding schedules to name a few. This put us on a schedule of church, lunch to go and taken to Meg and Ryan’s house, feed babies, change babies, run to the closest pumpkin patch before it started raining to get some pictures and pumpkins baby sized.

IMG_0856  IMG_0970

Setniker Farm was in Independence super close to West Salem and fit the bill! How blessed are we to live in such a beautiful area anyway!?! We hit the road in 3 caravanning cars I might add…and we were lucky to avoid the rain 100% and had 4 happy babies the whole time! Score.


We found Easton and Ellie’s pumpkins pretty fast. They were right next to each other and one was a bit bigger than the other. Perfect! They were pretty interested in them but not quite as interesting as the hay in Easton’s opinion.

IMG_0829  IMG_0915  IMG_0860

Brad and I both had our hands full so Megan was kind enough to snap these photos for us of our trip and even get them to me tonight?!?! Its like she doesn’t have a newborn at home to take care of! (I assure you she does and is rocking it… she’s just that amazing!)


The babies were pretty darn cute…  I know here in Oregon we don’t get very long summers and we aren’t typically supposed to look forward to the winter coming but come on… how great is Fall? The cute clothes, fires in the family room, New Girl, and that much closer to The Bachelor in January Winking smile


I told you ALL the babies were amazing… here is proof. There have been some observations of this photo floating around Facebook… Easton chillaxing, Elliette trying to ask a question, Hayley wondering what is even going on, and Jax who is passed out from what I can only assume is too much apple cider. But, don’t get me started on that. #whatpumpkinpatchisoutofapplecider?

Ellie even went in the port-a-potty for the first time. Megan thought this was talent… peeing with a baby strapped to me…nothing new. I may or may not have made Megan take a photo of my mans backside. I couldn’t handle the burp rag cuteness.


Overall I was pretty impressed with the small town feel of the pumpkin patch and until the babies are old enough to really enjoy ALL the activities at Bauman’s I think I would come back. We even managed to sneak in a tractor ride, and still leave only spending $8.


Ellie was pretty tired at this point but content just chewing on her thumb and resting on my shoulder. I’m gonna miss those cuddles when she is big. They are almost 6 months. I can’t believe it.


One last family pic mostly because I love the way Easton is delicately holding my finger. He is so sweet. Have I mentioned that?

Love my friends. Love my family.

Happy Fall Ya’ll


I have to be honest I didn’t think I would make it to Easter… I was certain I would be having babies or at least be in the hospital. I was also sure I would have nothing to wear if I did make it. Turns out I had forgotten about a maternity dress I had bought before I was even pregnant on WAY clearance at Target. In my experience maternity clothes seem to be way off as far as flattering a pregnant woman as well as actually fitting in every area so it required some altering the night before but I made it work! Thank you new Serger!

I am glad I made it to Easter and enjoyed celebrating Christ’s Resurrection with family and friends! Next Easter is sure to be different with a couple of 1 year olds running around! Even though they aren’t here they were still able to score their first Easter basket! What’s Easter without a new swimming suit anyways! Winking smile


Guest Post:: What Adoption is.

We have been so encouraged by the positive feedback we’ve gotten about pursuing adoption! Thank you all so much for your support! It means so much!

I thought I would share this, as I know before our journey, a lot of my personal beliefs about adoption were very naive and came from a place of lack of understanding. (I got this idea from another blog I read, and I hesitate to post it without crediting the correct person, but I cannot find her for the life of me! – If you read this, thank you!)

What adoption is NOT:
  • Adoption does not make us special or better than anyone.
  • Does not make our adopted child(ren) more blessed than others’ or our own biological children.
  • Isn’t an opportunity to be the “Great White Saviors” for children all over the world. Jesus is the Savior.
  • Does not make us more caring and loving than other parents, in fact, we will not be able to adopt or walk this journey without the compassion, love and help of others like you.
  • Adopting from a foreign country is not saying those children are more deserving than children in the US and vise versa.
Adoption IS however…
  • A God given passion and a biblical command. (James 1:27)
  • Makes us aware of God’s love for us. (John 14:18)
  • A lengthy process that will teach us a whole lot about patience, and reliance upon Jesus.
  • Brings our prejudices to the surface so they can be confessed. (Colossians 3:11)
  • Allows us to be a part of something that is greater than ourselves.
  • Teaches us that we are not the center of our own universes.
  • Confronts us in that we are not in control. (Isaiah 55:8)
  • Allows our child(ren) to grow up by experiencing God’s creativity in each of us.
More posts to catch you up (some) are listed below!
Patrick and Sear

Baby Frost:: (Partial) Guest Post!

Lets start at the beginning…my friend Siriana and I have gone to school together since she was in 3rd grade and I was in 4th at good ‘ol Salem Academy! You know how grade school goes though… you mostly pay attention to the kids in the grade above you not below you. This means Sear may have noticed me a bit more than I noticed her early on. ;) Lets be honest… I was more concerned with the moon shoes the 5th graders were bringing to recess. Fast forward 15 years we are dear friends that have been through… Grade School, Middle School, High School, College, Marriage, and soon to be Babies together!

I have chosen to share Siriana and her husband Patrick’s road to adoption here on my blog for several reasons.

  • Further awareness for adoption
  • Show support and get more support for Sear and Patrick’s journey
  • Show a different approach to becoming a First time Mom
  • Give you a good read! Sear is a hoot and an amazing Christ centered voice

You can get a sneak peek or just catch up at their blog HERE.

Below is a little intro to Siriana and Patrick… They will be posting several Guest Posts in the future to keep us posted on their Road to Adoption! We Love you Baby Frost!

Hey! We’re Patrick and Sear and we have been married for 2 years and despite our inability to water plants and keep them alive, we’ve decided to grow our family through adoption!

(I (Ashley) put in this photo! They are too cute not to show off!)

At first glance, we may not seem like the best candidates to be parents because:

  • Sear one time lost our 2 year-old nephew 10 seconds after committing to watch him.
  • Patrick’s daily search for his keys, wallet, and/or cell phone.
  • We both gag at the smell or site of baby poop.

Some things you should know right away…you might NOT like our blog/story if you are looking for tips on cooking (we don’t take pictures of our meals – who likes pictures of microwaved Smart Ones anyway?), decorating, and/or finding “deals”. But what you will find is a transparent picture of adoption and all it entails. If you’d like to check in with our blog/story to stay in the know on how to whip up a mean bowl of cereal, my fake commitments to 5k’s, 10k, half marathons and marathons, then we’re the right spot for you! As you get to know us you might chuckle frequently at Patrick’s quotes, my ideas, and interests, along with Patrick and I making major life decisions via text message.

As a means to “wet your appetite” you might appreciate this quote from Patrick. Recently, I (Sear) proposed that we may need to dry clean the seating pads on our dining room table chairs, because they were stained, Patrick responded, “Well, I don’t know if they NEED to be dry cleaned, I think the first step would be flipping them over.”

Welcome to our story!

The Frost’s