This morning was followed by….

This morning was followed by a rough night. The rough night was followed by a few rough nights. My babies have never been great sleepers in my opinion, it is probably much due to our schedule and habits or lack there of. But to be honest I’m still amazed that we have survived this far.

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We have kids that are genuinely happy and healthy, they have fun with each other and with each and every family member. I am blessed that they love equally and fully. They may be twins by definition but they are unique in appearance, personality, and affections.

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There are hard days and nights and moments that Brad and my words have had to be forgotten by sunrise, you have to have tough skin to be a parent. You don’t realize this transformation until you are in the midst of it. Soon you are sitting at your Best Friends house assembling first birthday invitations talking about the housing market and it hits you. We are adults. We are parents. We care about the housing market.

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You have these rough night and then you wake up with a baby sleeping next to you for the first time since her birth, you make a mental note that dad wont let this fly again and you soak it in. Because this “baby” is one on Monday. 1. She is hardly a baby.

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Once she wakes she tries to find her brother looking across the room she smiles. Playing in his crib he is so happy to be awake. (defiantly a character trait from his Father)  I think about taking a few photos. Not with the natural light shinning just right, not with settings that are perfect, but with grain, and jammies that are on because they were convenient last night. Hair that hasn’t even been brushed aside with my hand. Real. Raw mornings in our room.

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There aren’t many moments for me to stop and get emotional about my kids. I am busy. But when the house is quiet and the kids are sleeping I stop to look through pictures that I just took and months previous to print off for the birthday and I am speechless.

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They are so big, they are so loved, we are so lucky.

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Easton and Elliette… what a fun first year.

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