My Baby Gear:: Stroller Follow up

Okay everyone… for the 2 of you that care I thought I would share a few “I just got my stroller and I’m making the kids test it out in the kitchen” photos and how I like it so far. I was highly anticipating the arrival of this stroller and it did not disappoint.  I have been using it here and there and while the….taking the babies out of their infant car seats to put into there big kid seats in the rain has been an adjustment, once we are all put together it is SO NICE. It maneuvers much better than the double snap and go and East and El have fun looking at each other.


So the stroller was at the house when I got home from work and Brad and I quickly got to assembling everything. (It mostly came assembled so it wasn’t too difficult)


They are still a bit small for the big kid seats but they totally work and are super nice to recline when they fall asleep. In these pics I didn’t buckle them in very well because they weren’t really in the mood and I didn’t have the straps adjusted right. Once they were in and we were a movin’ they were content and mostly enjoying the ride.

IMG_0774  IMG_0775IMG_0770IMG_0772  IMG_0771

I’m still learning this stroller and learning the best routine for getting the babies in and out. Oregon rain really makes it difficult but that’s what we have north face rain coats for right?

I heart Baby Jogger.