The Pumpkin Patch:: Setniker Farms


Typically we go out to Bauman Farms for pumpkin patch fun but this year we had a few obstacles, higher chance of rain as the day went on and 4 babies feeding schedules to name a few. This put us on a schedule of church, lunch to go and taken to Meg and Ryan’s house, feed babies, change babies, run to the closest pumpkin patch before it started raining to get some pictures and pumpkins baby sized.

IMG_0856  IMG_0970

Setniker Farm was in Independence super close to West Salem and fit the bill! How blessed are we to live in such a beautiful area anyway!?! We hit the road in 3 caravanning cars I might add…and we were lucky to avoid the rain 100% and had 4 happy babies the whole time! Score.


We found Easton and Ellie’s pumpkins pretty fast. They were right next to each other and one was a bit bigger than the other. Perfect! They were pretty interested in them but not quite as interesting as the hay in Easton’s opinion.

IMG_0829  IMG_0915  IMG_0860

Brad and I both had our hands full so Megan was kind enough to snap these photos for us of our trip and even get them to me tonight?!?! Its like she doesn’t have a newborn at home to take care of! (I assure you she does and is rocking it… she’s just that amazing!)


The babies were pretty darn cute…  I know here in Oregon we don’t get very long summers and we aren’t typically supposed to look forward to the winter coming but come on… how great is Fall? The cute clothes, fires in the family room, New Girl, and that much closer to The Bachelor in January Winking smile


I told you ALL the babies were amazing… here is proof. There have been some observations of this photo floating around Facebook… Easton chillaxing, Elliette trying to ask a question, Hayley wondering what is even going on, and Jax who is passed out from what I can only assume is too much apple cider. But, don’t get me started on that. #whatpumpkinpatchisoutofapplecider?

Ellie even went in the port-a-potty for the first time. Megan thought this was talent… peeing with a baby strapped to me…nothing new. I may or may not have made Megan take a photo of my mans backside. I couldn’t handle the burp rag cuteness.


Overall I was pretty impressed with the small town feel of the pumpkin patch and until the babies are old enough to really enjoy ALL the activities at Bauman’s I think I would come back. We even managed to sneak in a tractor ride, and still leave only spending $8.


Ellie was pretty tired at this point but content just chewing on her thumb and resting on my shoulder. I’m gonna miss those cuddles when she is big. They are almost 6 months. I can’t believe it.


One last family pic mostly because I love the way Easton is delicately holding my finger. He is so sweet. Have I mentioned that?

Love my friends. Love my family.

Happy Fall Ya’ll