My Baby Gear:: Strollers

Now that I have been at this for well…. 5 months I thought I would let you know what I have learned and what I have/getting. When we found out we were having twins it totally changed the game for shopping for strollers. They are so expensive I wanted to make sure I was making the right decision. I originally thought I was going to get the…

Valco Baby Ion Twin

I loved the stylish design, the fact that the babies were side by side, and so many other features. It was spendy. After getting EVERYTHING together for the arrival of the babies and anticipating maternity leave we decided to wait on making such a large purchase.

The Valco Baby Ion Twin had an option to buy the attachments to clip the infant car seats on. Which is great… but the rest of the stroller also stayed in tact and the attachments were also expensive. Because I wasn’t sold and it was all so expensive I decided to get a Baby trend snap-n-go double. It is a great option and I was able to find one on craigslist for $30 that my aunt and uncle ended up getting me as a gift! (THANKS GUYS!) I knew this was a temporary fix because it only works for when they are in the infant car seats.


It has worked and it has also taught me a few things. Its skinny which is nice (I didn’t think I wanted tandem long term before) it is long which makes it difficult to make tight corners IE shopping. Overall for $30 it has been WONDERFUL and I’m glad I didn’t rush into a purchase before.

I couldn’t justify spending a lot of money on a jogging stroller. I’m not trying to be someone I used to be…. it wouldn’t get used that often and they are bulky. I found this Schwinn Turismo Double Jogging stroller on craigslist for $75 and thought for that I should get it. I did and we have used it a few times and it is decent. I’m not crazy impressed but it works.

The babies are getting heavy and I anticipate they will be out of their infant car seats faster than I originally anticipated. This got me thinking about strollers again, oh and I got a comment from someone asking be about what stroller I have or am going to get. We recently moved (still haven’t wrote about that) and have been receiving random blessings from everything involved. Most recently a refund from our home insurance. I got to thinking it would be nice to buy a stroller with it. It was kinda bonus money with good timing. I stayed up late one night and researched away! I was still thinking I would get the Valco stroller and then I ran into this guy… Ta Da….

Baby Jogger City Select Double

It was spendy which for a craigslist girl was hard to swallow. But just because I have twins doesn’t mean I sit at home every day. We still go out and do stuff quite often and I have learned that my next stroller would be key in continuing to make this possible. It seems so silly… your just pushing a baby in it. But all the moms I have talked to have assured me its worth it. The more I researched this stroller I realized that it is able to change into 16 different combinations. If I would have found this stroller before I would have used it in place of the snap-n-go, notice the second combination from the left.

Then I saw that there was a toddler board that you can purchase that attaches to the back. This means I would be able to hold 3 kids on this stroller. I know it sounds crazy.. but its my life. I would be able to have a baby in the infant car seat attachment East or El in a toddler seat and the other on the toddler board. 3 kids, 1 stroller. imageimage

All these things together convinced me to bite the bullet and buy it with our bonus money. I can’t wait for it to show up at my door on Wednesday! For those of you not having twins this same stroller comes with just one seat and at a better price. It is the same exact stroller just doesn’t come with the second seat included you can add a second seat in the future or any of the other attachments. I love that even with one it would grow with you as you have more kids.

Baby Jogger City Select

I hope this helped someone when looking for strollers it can be so overwhelming. I know when I do research I love finding reviews from real moms.