My Baby Gear:: Car Seats

After spending months and months researching baby gear I feel like I have used some of it enough by now to let you know how its working for us. I’ll start out with infant car seats.


Elliette’s Car Seat


Easton’s Car Seat

These were pretty spendy… we were lucky enough to find one on sale and received one as a gift from Brad’s family. We love these car seats for several reasons. What first attracted me to them was the adorable patterns and designs then I learned how safe they were! Bonus! Then I found out they were Italian made. Holla!…I studied abroad in Italy for 5 months in college. (Yes I just typed Holla. Judge if you must) One of my favorite features that I didn’t think about while buying them is the EASY to adjust 5 point harness. As your infant grows the straps that go above the shoulders need to be raised higher. Most car seats you have to take apart to do this. The peg perego does this with a touch of a button, literally it is so easy to ensure you always have the proper fit. They are very cushy and are very well built. The one con I have is that they are a few pounds heavier than some others. 

Some other brands that I have heard from friends are great if peg perego doesn’t float your boat are Britax, Maxi Cosi, and Chicco. All these friends have blogs if you wanted to check them out and ask them questions about their car seats I’m sure they would be happy to help!

That’s my write up! Let me know if you have any questions, I love talking baby gear!