What’s up with us:: 1 Month

Both 1 month - edit

:: What you both are up to ::

  • You guys have slept side by side in one crib since we brought you home from the hospital… if one of you is having a extra difficult time falling back asleep after a feeding we may move you both into the cradle in our room, but only have about 5 times
  • The first 2 weeks we woke you up every 3 hours to eat no matter what…starting at around 3 weeks you were gaining weight well and they said we could stretch night time feedings to 4 hours and move daytime feedings to every 2 1/2 hours…now at 4 weeks we let you tell us when your ready to eat at night
  • Neither of you are too fond of formula you almost always spit most of it up
  • You guys are very good when we go on outings and get lots of attention
  • Were still in disposables (because we have them) and you still fit in newborn size…although you are starting to outgrow some newborn clothes! (single tear!)
  • You get passed around a lot and don’t seem to mind

Eastons 1 Month - final

:: Easton ::

  • On your 1 month birthday you weighed 8lbs 10o
  • You were NOT happy about this photo shoot this was one of the only photos I have where you are not screaming
  • You are gaining weight well and have a pretty big belly growing
  • You love to eat and once you know the bottle is coming you throw your head side to side very fast with your mouth open (intense rooting) … sometimes it makes it hard to actually get the bottle in your mouth
  • You love your pacifier and throw a fit when it falls out of your mouth
  • You had your first major blow out a few days ago… we mean out every part of your diaper on your hands feet it was everywhere by the time Papa noticed
  • You are a good nurser and always end up with your outside arm over your eyes/face
  • Your scratches from delivery are all healed up and have been for a while
  • You’re a tootin machine! Everyone is always convinced you have dirty drawers but most the time its gas
  • You sleep like a total boy… mouth open and arms stretched out

Elliette 1 Month - final

:: Elliette ::

  • On your 1 month birthday you weighed 8lbs 3oz
  • You seemed to love the photo shoot, but it was hard to get a picture with you looking up and not to the side
  • You are gaining weight well and have the cutest chubby legs and arms
  • You are usually the one that sets the feeding schedule… waking up before brother hungry and letting us know
  • You take a pacifier sometimes but your not quite sure about it yet
  • You love to stretch and GRUNT its basically all you do
  • You’re a very temperamental nurser… you get very frustrated if your head is in the wrong spot or if you are forced and throw a fit
  • When you nurse you often end up with your legs crossed at your ankles
  • You hate formula and by this point we are off of it completely but for a while when it was needed you would often end up throwing it up and it would even come out your nose… you were such a good sport about it and would willingly let us suction it all out of your nose for you, though we could tell you were uncomfortable
  • When we burp you you wiggle and nuzzle your little face into our neck (we call you the nuzzler) … as cute as it is you also are a good spit-upper and it often ends up down our chest
  • You like to grab things especially burp cloths you always take them off our shoulder after a burp

* I stole this idea in its entirety from blog hall of famers Young House Love … you can see their wrap up on how they did it HERE