I Spy


I Spy with my little eye…

  • Tiny socks
  • Burp cloth
  • Blankie x2
  • Pink bottle
  • Blue bottle
  • Sleeping baby x2
  • One good Dad


Melts my heart!

Today I went to a Breastfeeding support group at the hospital:: My name is Ashley and my Twins are a pain to breastfeed. :: Hello Ashley, Welcome. That didn’t actually happen, basically its just where you can go and do a feeding and they help you with the problems you are having and weigh your baby before and after so you know how much they are getting. As of now we are still having to bottle feed breast milk after they give up nursing. Today proved that we still do need to do that. Fortunately it is working its just more work. They are gaining weight SO WELL!

Todays weights::

Easton 8lbs 10oz (2lbs 13oz up from birth)   Elliette 8lbs 3oz (2lbs 3oz up from birth)

So babies are doing great and are 1 MONTH OLD today! Crazy! I am going to attempt to decide on a theme and take 1 month photos tomorrow. Hopefully I can make it happen!