Birth Story

I woke up the morning of April 21st 2012 excited and ready, I had a missed a phone call and had a voicemail which I was hesitant to check but… I did. It was just what I thought, the head nurse calling to postpone my induction. Explaining that they may have me call back at 10:00am or come in the next morning. The week before I went in on Saturday morning for a non stress test on the babies and they had mentioned they had to cancel others inductions because they were so busy! I felt so bad for those women who were SO ready to have their baby and now I WAS ONE OF THEM?!?!

I called Brad into our room and told him the news. I tried to talk him into pretending like we didn’t get the message and go in anyway. (I was determined) He tried to calm me down (which was needed) and explained that we should just call back like they wanted us to and see what the situation was. I told him he HAD to tell them I NEEDED these babies out TODAY! LAY THE SMACK DOWN BABE!! Tell them I am crying! (As if a crying pregnant woman will phase this Labor and Delivery nurse!) He made the phone call and I tried to catch my breath next to him in bed. It went something like this…

Brad – “Hi my name is Brad Reynoso You called my wife and left a voicemail saying you may need to postpone her induction.”

Nurse- “You can go ahead and come in as scheduled”

Brad- “Oh really, okay thanks”

End of conversation

Me- (Through my tears) “Did you lay the smack down?”

Brad- “Yes, they said you can come in”

Me- “Really?!?”

Brad – “Yes, Babe I told you it would be okay.”



23 hours before I met my babies I was here… in my car on the way to the hospital for my scheduled induction at 38 weeks 2 days pregnant with my twins!

On our way to the hospital! (Brad thinks he’s pretty funny!) ;)


Excited Dad-to-be predicted the babes would be born around 4:00pm. My response was… “Really? That’s a long day” If I knew then what I know now! (I still would have done it Winking smile )


We got to the hospital checked in and were taken to our room this is where all our people made themselves at home. IMG_6433

It was a long day of people in and out staring at me waiting to see real pain in my face and ultimately babies!!IMG_6437a

Popsicles, jello, and chicken broth was all I could eat during this 23 hour processIMG_6438

Friends helped pass some time


Pitocin was started at 10:00am


My mom brought a bunch of snacks (its kinda her thing) none of which I could eat. In the back ground of this pic you can see some popcorn she gave Carolyn to take to Nolans T-Ball game. That big bag was just some of the popcorn she brought.


At one point an ultrasound was done to see the positioning of Baby B (Boy) as we had expected from previous ultrasounds he had made his way further down and was set to come out first. Which is unusual because most often Baby A comes out first which is why they are named Baby A early on in the pregnancy. We also learned from the ultrasound that he was face up (posterior position) Once we learned that he was coming out first he was then named Baby A.


Eastons heart rate was dropping so oxygen was needed to help.. this was my I’m starting to get very tired face. Thankfully there are no pictures of… THIS IS VERY PAINFUL, I WANT MY EPIDURAL NOW face. I got my epidural at around 10:30 pm and tried to rest a bit before the pushing began. Around 2:30am I was ready to push and did for 3 hours with little progress. Because of his posterior position and heart rate it was determined that assistance was needed to complete the delivery (forceps). My exhaustion was real and this was a decision both Brad and I felt comfortable with due to Eastons erratic heart rate. We didn’t want his heart rate to become an issue that needed an emergency C-section to resolve. So the decision was made and we were off the to OR. I delivered there simply because there wasn’t enough room in the labor and delivery rooms for all the staff and equipment needed for twins.


The only picture I have of the “Waiting room” this was before they got kicked out into the real waiting room. There were also a TON more people including all Brads family! When I get a picture from someone else I will add it in there! Everyone who waited so patiently… they are the best!


My Mom and Brad went into the OR with me to have the babies


Brad was an AMAZING support through my whole labor AND pregnancy!


These are the two beds that were waiting for the babies


Easton Joseph Reynoso

Born at 5:53am he cried immediately after being born and was placed on my tummy/chest… Indescribable.


(This picture of me with Easton was after both deliveries)

Shortly after meeting Easton he was taken to get checked out and cleaned up. Dad went with him initially and then came back to me as soon as possible for Elliettes birth. (The babies were taken to an adjoining room in the OR I could see everything from the OR I was in, so he didn’t go far!)

Elliette Kay Reynoso

Born at 6:09am 16 minutes after Easton. She was also placed on my tummy/chest… Beautiful.


My nurse was nice enough to go back to my room and get my ice water while I was watching the babies get finished up! Ice water never tasted SO good!


The smile on Brads face throughout this process is something I will never forget. He was very happy and proud to be a Dad. He also enjoyed playing Doctor with the “scrubs” on Smile He even asked if he got to wear gloves too… looking confused the nurse said “sure, if you want”. This idea was quickly shot down by me, I’m also pretty sure he was joking but you never can be quite sure.


Me with Easton


Me in the background with Easton, Grandma feeding Elliette a bottle. Both babies had low blood sugar initially. Elliettes was quickly resolved and Eastons lingered a bit longer but was A-Okay by day two.


Elliette on left Easton on right


First family picture


Elliette on left Easton on rightIMG_6594

Leaving the OR on our way to my room, ready to introduce the babies to all our family and friends!IMG_6595IMG_6596

Tired, but happy to have my hands and heart full!