A day for Mothers


Its hard to think of myself as a mother. The reality that when asked “Do you have any kids?” I would now say “Yes, two.” is crazy. KidS….Plural…so Crazy. I don’t feel like a parent I barely feel like an adult. But its true, this year I was amongst the amazing mothers celebrated on Sunday. I am so lucky to have such great examples of what a mother truly is surrounding me. I have most recently been reminded of how blessed we are by the love and support given from every single mother figure in our lives mothers, grandmothers, aunts, and sisters. I would have never made it through these first three weeks with Easton and Elliette without all of them. I imagine I will continue to need their help as I continue to fake it doing this whole “Mom” thing. Winking smile

Brad and I started to get the babies and ourselves ready for church after their 8:00am feeding (church is at 11:00). Needless to say at about 12:00 we realized we weren’t going to make it. Smile We were sitting at home in our Sundays best feeding babies that were OFF schedule and hungry. We joked that we could go and sneak into the cry room and just pretend that we were there the whole time… set an all time record of being over an hour late to church! Instead we waited and headed out to my parents house around 1:30 for an “All moms and families are welcome” BBQ.

It was such a nice day we enjoyed hanging out with everyone outside and even set up a ladder golf tournament for cash prizes!


Judge rules… no points!


Carolyn and Uncle Rod ended up victorious and donated their winnings to Katie. She is leaving beginning of July to peruse missions with YWAM (Youth With A Mission). GO KATIE!


As a mothers day present to me and Brad Franks decided to try to keep at least part of himself clean. Winking smile Oh Franks…

Happy Mothers day!