36 Weeks

Total Weight Gain: 36 lbs

Symptoms: Heartburn, Leg cramps, and Rib/Muscle pain on the right side. Feels like a huge bruise or torn/ripped muscle. Backaches are gone since I stopped working!! So thankful for that!

Stretch Marks: Not yet! Well… there may be a few tiny ones around where my belly button was pierced. I assume from the scar tissue it made. My Dad may or may not have been right when he told me not to do that Freshman year of College! Winking smile

Sleep: Okay.. seem to have a hard time falling asleep and am up several times to go potty and drink some ice water

Best Moment Last Week: Getting the nursery 100% done and purchasing EVERY LAST THING I can think of that we will need for us and them!!!

AND…. Meeting Little Miss Hayley Sue House!

Movement: All the time.. moving like crazy!

Cravings: Jamba Juice, Strawberries, and French Fries still

What I Miss: Cable… JK were surviving!!

What am I looking forward to: Adjusting to our soon to be new norm

Milestones: Actually somewhat consistently getting these posts up… They may have been few and far between at times but I’m 36 weeks and here ya are… getting a new pic of my Big ol’ Belly!

How is Daddy? Predicting the babies will come on Thursday!

36 Weeks and 4 days Pregnant with Twins

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