34 Weeks

Total Weight Gain: 33 lbs

Symptoms: Heartburn, Leg cramps, Backaches… same story as before

Stretch Marks: Not yet… Although I may or may not have asked my Dr yesterday if my belly button was going to go back to being an innie. He said yes… this may be the first thing he has said that I don’t believe. Because of the disbelief I asked him if this could be repaired surgically someday if it doesn’t… he said yes. (few) P.S I know I’m being dramatic.

Sleep: Good

Best Moment Last Week: Learning both babies gained about 1 lb in the last two weeks at my ultrasound on Wednesday and finishing my last week at work before maternity leave!

As of March 21st…  Baby Girl is 4.13 lbs & Baby Boy is 5.1 lbs

Movement: They are crazy in there! Seem to be always moving and it is getting more painful the bigger and stronger they get. Since I have updated you last Baby Girl has turned back to head down! This is super exciting as we are planning to try to avoid a C-section! Now they are both head down and ready to roll

Cravings: Jamba Juice, Strawberries, and French Fries.

Fast Food Fat Kid Tip: If you order your french fries with no salt they have to make a brand new batch for you = very hot fries… when they ask if you want salt and ketchup say yes and add your own salt to your deliciously hot fries. Smile  Its extreme, but how disappointing is it when you are craving french fries and you get cold soggy ones?!? Enough to make this pregnant girl cry.

What I Miss: My wardrobe :: Being able to do normal things with out any pain :: telling a story without being winded and out of breath :: using my stomach muscles :: Driving without looking like a gangster (I have to lean back pretty far as of now) :: Going on walks with Brad and Franks :: Having the option to go for a jog

What am I looking forward to: All of it!

Milestones: Infant carriers are IN the car ready to go, babies diaper bag is packed, and did I mention I’m finally on maternity leave?!? Winking smile

How is Daddy? Encouraging :: Helpful :: Loving :: Funny :: Nurturing :: Understanding… Need I go on? He’s the best and Franks, the babies, and I are so lucky to have Him!

34 Weeks Pregnant with Twins

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