Rock a bye Babies…

About a month ago we picked up this guy of Craigslist for $75. The posting said it was tan microfiber. When we got to Portland to pick it up it was neither of the two. It ended up being light green and sort of velvet like. The posting also neglected to say that a marker had been taken to the back. I still thought it was totally worth the $75 and took it home! Initially I thought I could just get it professionally cleaned but once it was in the room the green was just all wrong to me.

Below is the best “Before” pictures I have. I tend to get pretty excited about projects and go ALL IN without regard to things like before pictures or even a general plan of attack. We started by taking off the bottom “just to see” how it was put together and if it looked “that hard” to re upholster myself. It looked like if I took the pieces off one by one I would be able to use them as a pattern to go off of. Brad humored me (like always) and helped me rip it apart.



Once It was all ripped apart I went to work fabric shopping. I took all the pieces to In Stock Fabrics here in Salem and they helped me decide how much fabric I needed and showed me some options. Unfortunately I wasn’t overly excited about the two (expensive) options I found so I bought what I could from the nice owners there… Upholstery needle for my sewing machine.. upholstery thread… piping… cardboard strips…and dust cover fabric and headed to a few more local fabric stores. These stores were a big two thumbs down, feeling as defeated as ever 6 months pregnant with a naked rocking chair waiting for me… I headed home.

Once home I headed to the internet to see what I could find. I quickly found proved to be as amazing as its URL. They had a ton to choose from and get this… FREE Shipping on ALL Returns even cut yards of fabric:: no questions asked. I found a fabric that looked similar to one I found at In Stock Fabrics but seemed to be a bit darker which was just what I wanted! Bonus it also ended up being about $10 a yard cheaper! I added it to my cart with one extra yard entered my $20 off + free shipping coupon code, and saved over 50% from the options I found in town.


Click Here to see the fabric at


I waited and waited and waited (5-7 days) and then ran home on my lunch break when I got an email saying that it had been dropped off on my front door. The fabric turned out to be the right type of upholstery material but slightly lighter than I had hoped. I cut my losses and decided that it was just “perfect” and went ahead and started cutting and sewing piece by piece.

I ran into some difficulties along the way but ended up piecing EVERYTHING back together! (yes… even the seat cushion Franks destroyed on my birthday)

2012-02-14_10-44-48_582 (1)

It is finally done almost exactly one month after we picked it up in Portland! Little over 7 months pregnant I can say I am SO HAPPY to be done with this project!



  • Chair $75
  • Fabric $67
  • Supplies $15
  • Spray adhesive for the seat cushion (Thanks to franks) $6

Total cost  = $163

The closest Wingback Rocker I have found is at Pottery Barn for a grand total of $879! Pretty exciting savings to me!

On to the next project…