may or may not monday…

May or May-Not Monday: where you can divulge the secrets of life’s mishaps without feeling like a failure. So go on… own up. I may have…

I may or may not have stole this idea in its entirety from my girl Mindi at The Sprouted Root! Check out her may or may not monday posts HERE!

I may or may not currently weigh more than my husband

I may or may not be carrying a extra pair of underwear in my purse for if and when I sneeze and am not quick enough to get my legs crossed

I may or may not have the nicest things to say about my son these days seeing as his bum in my right ribs feels less than stellar. My mom may or may not be bothered by my comments

I may or may not have shut the door to our room instead of cleaning it when a friend came over. That friend may or may not have exclaimed “Ummm Ashley, What is wrong with your room?!?” when she caught a peek of it through the cracked door. My response “I’m 30 weeks pregnant with TWINS I don’t want to talk about it! ” the conversation was dropped

I may or may not have put on one of Brads hooded sweatshirts while getting ready for church on Saturday night and walked out to the kitchen when Brad said “That’s really not church appropriate” (which I myself knew was 100% correct) my response “I KNOW, I’ll go change… as I pouted all the way down the hall”

I may or may not have had grand allusions of wearing adorable pregnant outfits and even sporting heels on occasion during my pregnancy. I may or may not be currently brainstorming how to make this false sense of fashion shine through in my maternity photo shoot on Sunday

I may or may not absolutely love every adorable comment my babies daddy has regarding the items I bring home from all my AH-MAZ-ING showers “Its just a little dress!” “SOOO cute!” “These little socks aren’t going to fit they are way to small!”

can’t wait.