29 Weeks

Total Weight Gain: 28lbs

Symptoms: Heartburn, Leg cramps, Backaches… same story as before

Stretch Marks: Not yet

Sleep: Good!

Best Moment Last Week: Finding out that although Baby A’s fluid and weight is less than Baby B’s it is still 100% normal and there is NOTHING to worry about! Finishing my Rocker for the nursery:: Finishing the dresser for the nursery:: Hanging a shelf in the nursery:: Overall getting A LOT done this week is the best!

Movement: At the Ultrasound on Wednesday (to check the fluid of Baby A) we found out Baby A had turned breech and Baby B was still head down. More specifically Baby A’s feet are dancing on my bladder and Baby B’s bottom is in my right ribs. Best of both worlds….sigh.

Cravings: My little pony fruit snacks and Jamba Juice

What I Miss: Just being able to move with ease.

What am I looking forward to: My upcoming showers and maternity photo shoot with Erich McVey! A wonderful gift that some special friends got me at my last shower! I.AM.SO.SPOILED.

Milestones: Finally deciding what cloth diapers we are going with. Yes, cloth diapers…. that’s a whole other post I don’t have energy for now! One I will probably not write until they are here and we are doing it and are or are not liking it. We shall see!

How is Daddy? Getting a little tired of doing nursery projects and relieved that the big projects are done. Smile

29 Weeks Pregnant with Twins

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I’m back to bed where I have been about half of today because I woke up sick. Sad smile Head, throat, nose the whole thing! Hoping I can sleep it off tonight so I can make it through my work day tomorrow! Goodnight everyone!