28 Weeks

Total Weight Gain: 26lbs

Symptoms: Heartburn, Leg cramps, Backaches… Physical Therapy feels nice… but I’m not positive it is helping. I think it is maintaining my current pain and not allowing it to get worse but at this point both my doctor and physical therapist say my cure is delivery which is hopefully at least 8-10 weeks away!

Stretch Marks: Not yet

Sleep: Still Good! But when have I had a problem sleeping? THAT will be the day I know these babies have 100% taken over my body!

Best Moment Last Week: Well I haven’t updated you in… shame on me… 4 weeks! So I have had a lot of good moments. Smile  We found a upholstered rocker on Craigslist for $75 :: I had my first BABY SHOWER :: I sewed my crib sheets :: The cribs are painted and IN the room (Thanks Dad!) :: The Babies closet is done :: Got my hair done :: Helped throw a shower for my good friend Ruby.

Movement: They are VERY active and I can even see them move outside my belly now… Super creepy and comforting at the same time.

Cravings: Lemon Bars

What I Miss: Being able to wear all my shirts.. it is getting ridiculous to get normal shirts pulled over my belly.

What am I looking forward to: Bringing our babies home to THIS home… OUR home!!  Long story short, the people who told us to “Pack your boxes and buy a new house” Didn’t follow through… Probably for the best! Smile

Also looking forward to upcoming baby showers and going to see “The Vow” with the BFFL this weekend.

Milestones: Putting on the Lbs… not me… Winking smile the babies! They weighed in Tuesday at Baby A (girl) : 2.8 lbs :: Baby B (boy) :3 lbs

Baby boy is a bit bigger and taking up a bit more space then baby girl. The difference isn’t TOO concerning but to be safe my Doctor has referred me to a perinatologist this coming Wednesday where they will do a very long ultrasound to find out a little bit more. Looks like the third trimester is already throwing some curve balls our way.

Speaking of third trimester fun fact for you… I am measuring 36 weeks for a singleton pregnancy.

How is Daddy? Very helpful, and learning to choose his words wisely… Lets just say its getting easier and easier to make me cry these days!

28 Weeks Pregnant with Twins