Quick update- Ultrasound

I know I JUST said polk a dots was next but I forgot I wanted to document a update on the babies…

On this last Friday I had an ultrasound to check on the growth of the Babies… Not because they were worried… just because its normal to do when you are having twins. It was pretty routine but they did take me back 20 minutes late… which is like torture when they make you come to your appointments with a FULL bladder I was literally getting up to ask if they had forgot about me when my ultrasound tech called my name. She asked how I was doing and I told my “20 minute full bladder” sob story and she was kind enough to let me go potty before we got started! She really is the greatest! This is the same tech I have had the last 3 ultrasounds which has been just by luck.. but I found out this time I can request her for my next ones which I WILL!!

Babies are looking good and growing at a normal rate! Baby boy (twin B) is measuring at around 1lb 10oz and Baby girl (twin A) is right at around 1lb 5oz. She did say that she wasn’t able to get a great reading of the size of Baby girls belly because Boys head was pushing up against it. (how rude… right?) So instead of being nice and round it was more oblong which makes the measurements off and also the weight. But she insisted that 1lb 5oz was still in the very normal range. Baby girl also had the hiccups for a portion of the ultrasound which were so cute to see on the screen.

I started Physical Therapy today for my back pain that is present for the majority of my day. I will be going in twice a week and praying that it will help!

My upcoming showers are in full swing and I am so excited for them! Not SO excited for the attention to be on ME but very excited to celebrate these babies with Friends and Family!

We are truly Blessed!!