“Babies… I am your Mother…”

 185562447116062663_9KzZ4W2L_cWhen planning the babies nursery I have had a hard time making the nursery unisex yet personalized to each babe. I didn’t want it to be completely unisex colors so I went with this color palette I found on Pinterest. How amazing is Pinterest by the way? I mean its not new news but it you haven’t heard of it or just haven’t joined yet let me know and Ill send you an invite!

Back to the color palette… Its really not rocket science… grey staples in the room with blue and pink accessories, maybe orange here and there if I can find some I like.

So as far as the walls are concerned I knew I wanted grey (= neutral) and then I was looking into ways to jazz it up.. When I came across this photo on Pinterest I pinned and pondered a while. Then decided it was perfect. photo1

This mom used contact paper to make her dots which I think is genius but it was a bit more “bling-ed-out” than I was looking for. I used her same Polk-a-dot size (a CD) and Megan and I decided to paint them a slightly darker grey than the walls.


Before we got started painting we called in the professional…Ryan. My decision to drag him into the nursery while watching basketball (what a guy I KNOW!) was reaffirmed when he brought out graph paper to calculate everything to scale. You see it’s a specific measurement if you want a polk-a-dot showing above the curtains…two below the window and an even amount on each side without making half a polk-a-dot on either side. I knew Ryan could do it! They are the best spaced polk-a-dots- I have ever seen… and let me tell you I have seen my fair share of polk-a-dots. Winking smile

IMG_5417    IMG_5420    IMG_5421


Once the CD’s were traced Meg and I started painting our dots! I thought this was going to be WAY harder than it ended up being. I tried to find a stencil and thought about making a stencil but Megan  re assured me that “we could do it!” I trusted her and am so glad I did! We used foam brushes and took our time.

IMG_5422    IMG_5423IMG_5427    IMG_5432


Megs and I were VERY excited about our handy work!



“Babies… I am your Mother…”

I sound very Darth-esq in this mask… I hate it!

Thank you BFFL’s for the AMAZING pol-a-dot work you did! The babies (and I) really appreciate it!

In other exciting news… My Dad “Grandpa” almost has my cribs sanded and is painting them the same grey as the polk-a-dots! I CAN NOT WAIT to get them in the room! I am So thankful he has taken on this project for me and the babies! Dad…. YOUR THE BEST! Smile