24 Weeks aka… 6 MONTHS!

Total Weight Gain: 20lbs

Symptoms: Heartburn, Leg cramps, Backaches… My doctor really wasn’t kidding when he said my back would hurt… I have Physical Therapy scheduled to start on Tuesday at 7:30 am on my day off…That’s how bad it hurts…let me repeat 7:30 AM!

Stretch Marks: Not yet

Sleep: Good…However “getting up” to go potty is more of a production than ever… It’s a literal “roll outta bed” to go potty situation.

Best Moment Last Week: Celebrating our 3 year anniversary at Mongolian Grill followed by a walk through at Target… wait for it… in our sweats. Through all that the waitress was still gracious enough to make my day by telling me not once but twice how adorable I was pregnant…I may or may not have also had three bowls of ingredients to take up with me to the grill. This waitress made up for the Home Depot employee who when finding out I was having twins (after asking me several pregnancy questions) remarked…”Ohhh THAT’S why your so BIG!”…….Thank you?

Movement: Moving like crazy and pushing on my bladder! I feel like I have to pee about 90% of the day but have to remind myself its not always true…. But most of the time it is.

Cravings: Sour stuff and one of my High School Subway sandwich orders that I haven’t ordered since I found out a 6 inch was 14 points on Weight Watchers….when they ask me if I want to make it a meal… I say yes… when they ask me what kind of chips… I say Cheetos…before I can even think…and…. when I go to get my drink…. I may or may not  choose Dr. Pepper… I KNOW!

What I Miss: Being able to bend over to pick things up with ease… and run up the stairs.

What am I looking forward to: Knowing if I will be bringing these babies home to our current home or not…It’s a long story but apparently our home was still listed on FSBO websites and a couple found it and love it…they are presenting us an offer on Sunday…we are praying that God will be over the situation and what is best for our family will be done. One thing I do know is there is NOT a shortage of places for us to be/live when we bring these babies home and for that we are BLESSED!

Milestones: Purchasing our cribs and baby boys car seat AND registering!

How is Daddy? Just asked him how he is doing… He said he is good but often worries about my health and the babies health. (What a good papa bear) I think all the baby shows I make him watch are getting to him.

24 Weeks Pregnant with Twins

24 (11b)

Bonus Photo

24 (6b)

I don’t know why I’m not smiling … I really am happy about this new belly o’ mine.