One vote for “Team Boy/Boy” here!

Today we had our gender ultrasound and I’m pretty sure it was harder for our parents to not know what the twins were than us! I am so excited for our party tomorrow and can not wait to be truly surprised!  I usually HATE surprise! BUT… this surprise it going to be totally worth it! Megan has worked so hard to put on this bash for us and I am going to soak in every bit of it. If I wasn’t so lazy I would take a photo of the ADORABLE invites she created so you can see her talents! Instead I will post all the photos at once after the party.. I have a feeling there may be a few more “themed” items making an appearance at the party. Check out all Megans Amazing work HERE!

One thing I know we will be doing tomorrow is picking “Teams” either Team Boy/Boy, Team Girl/Girl, or Team Girl/Boy. I thought I would get everyone in on the action! If you have a second please Vote what team you are on! I am the first vote for Boy/Boy! Just because its what I think not because its what I’m hoping for. I am hoping for two HEALTHY babies! I used to get annoyed when moms said things like that but the truth is once you find out your pregnant you start to worry and PRAY! :)

Go ahead choose a “Team!”

What "Team" are you on?

If you would like tune in tomorrow around 4:00ish to see the BIG Reveal click HERE then.