20+3 Weeks HALF WAY!!!

Total Weight Gain: 15lbs

Symptoms: Heartburn and Backaches

Stretch Marks: Not yet

Sleep: Good

Best Moment Last Week: Just happened yesterday… Brad and his Dad Rudy built a Paneled Wall in the nursery! It isn’t finished but as is it is already AMAZING!

Movement: Babes are still moving.. I can feel them more on the right than the left which ultrasound shows is Baby Boy. Thinking Baby Girl is a little more “Chill” than her brother.

Cravings: Not really

What I Miss: Being able to put my shoes on without all the sound effects. It is getting harder and harder!

What am I looking forward to: Finishing the new guest bedroom and feeling a little more settled in at least one room. (Our guest bed is in our entry way for the time being)

Milestones: Hitting the Half Way mark! Totally crazy… especially because with twins you are considered “full term” at 36 weeks. SO we are possibly more than half way!

How is Daddy? Getting used to eating the food I order instead of his. For some reason whatever I order always turns out so wrong…because he is a gentleman he always offers to switch me. Lets just say he is paying a lot more attention to what I’m ordering these days!

20 Weeks pregnant with Twins

20 3 (8c)