18+3 Weeks

Total Weight Gain: 13lbs

Symptoms: Back aches and heartburn

Stretch Marks: Not yet

Sleep: Good

Best Moment Last Week: Our Gender Reveal Party!! Finding out that we are having one BOY and one GIRL was the BEST EVER!!

Movement: Babes are still moving.. I can feel them more on my right than the left which ultrasound shows is Baby Boy.

Cravings: Not really

What I Miss: Coffee… not so much the taste or the addiction but just having something warm in this cold cozy season. I know there are other things but they don’t always sound good… before coffee always sounded good.

What am I looking forward to: Having names decided for these babes

Milestones: Finding out that our babies had “All the right stuff” at our ultrasound. They checked EVERYTHING! And we are so thankful!

How is Daddy? Adorable

18 Weeks pregnant with Twins

18 3 (5b)