Pumpkin Patch with the BFFL’s and Bump!


We went to Bauman Farms this last Sunday which means the boys were checking in on their fantasy football scores throughout the entire time… at least they were there with us in their flannels to boot!




Megan was right there with them with her new iPhone4s (or something like that) No she wasn’t looking up her fantasy football scores, mostly uploading photos to Facebook.


Bunnies and Goats!



Classic photo shoot begins NOW…



The Bump!


Megan’s “Bump”… These two… Always jokin around




Throwback pose




Fantasy Football App… I know they look like they are having fun, but…they weren’t too happy to be taking these photos together… #TooCool



Is that a GLUTEN FREE Apple Cider donut?….I THINK NOT!







I had to end with this guy… what a hottie!

Successful Pumpkin Patch Trip!

Our Celebrations–Part TWO!



Okay so were off to our ultrasound and so excited to SEE our baby! We get checked in and I drink all the water I was told too and held in the urge to pee! The ultrasound tech got me all set up with the jelly on my belly and Brad is in the chair next to the bed I was laying on. We had our own personal screen to see what the tech was looking at on her screen.

She talked us through the process…

Tech: “Okay.. I’m going to zoom in here and get a good look at baby.”

We SEE our baby! She paused the pictures and took measurements we saw a lot of this going on…


We were so excited… so crazy to see there was REALLY a baby in there!

Tech: “Looks like to be right around 10 weeks. So your right on track! I’m just going to zoom out now and check on your ovaries… (Zoom out)… Chuckle…Chuckle”

Me: “What?”

Tech: “Well we were just looking at Baby one the Left…. and this is Baby on the Right…(As she moves the thing over on my belly)… You’re going to have TWO babies!”

Me and Brad: “WHAT?!? TWO BABIES?!?…. TWINS?”


I think we said that like 20 times in the next 5 minutes. I was on the verge of tears (happy tears) but also couldn’t stop laughing. Which presented a problem for the tech that was trying to get accurate readings of both the babies. She got the heart rates of both 167 and 169 and let us know they would be referred to as Baby RT and Baby LT at this point but as I got further along they would change that to Baby A and Baby B. She went on to tell us that as far as she could tell they looked to have their own “everything” so it was likely that they were two separate eggs so…Fraternal. Once she left the room Brad was talking about how I had produced two eggs and proceeded to tell me….

Brad: “ You know I blame this all on you, right?!?”

Me: “Your Welcome?”

He was totally joking but its defiantly something funny I remember from our state of absolute shock. They printed off pictures of the twins and burned a DVD for us and we were done! In the car we immediately started texting our family and friends to ask them to come over to see the ultrasound pictures that we got. We wouldn’t have been so hardcore about making them come to our house THAT night to see but we wanted to see their reaction to the NEW NEWS! Most everyone was able to come over in shifts throughout the night and we took pictures as we told them… A few out of town peps I called as Brad cleaned up the house for our guests.. He’s the best!


We started by showing everyone the pictures of Twin LT the photos the Tech printed off when we thought there was only one in there! AND then after everyone showed their excitement we told them we had a better photo on the TV.. (hooked to our computer) and that is where we had the Ultrasound picture that said TWINS! Here goes all the pictures! Looking back I wish we would have video taped some of this instead. ENJOY!

Tip: You can click on the small pictures to make them larger.








This sequence is the best “Set” of photos we got (Nice Job Brad, could have also been Mom and Aunt Angies animated expressions!) I couldn’t help but put most of them in… yes… there were more!



It was so exciting to surprise everyone AGAIN with more pregnancy news! I thought it was exciting to tell them we were pregnant but this was a whole new level of excitement. We are ready to tackle everything that comes with twins and are very THANKFUL that God choose us to parent these two! Thanks for joining our journey, it should be interesting! Winking smile

Our Celebrations

I have been keeping a secret from my blog for about 10 weeks now, I’m Pregnant, here is my story!

Brad and I have been planning this pregnancy for about a year trying to get some things done in preparation and mostly just waiting till we felt like the time was right. We thought our house was sold, ran our marathon and were ready for all things baby!

August was amongst us and my parents celebrated 31 years of marriage, and the next day we got the best news! I took a test in the morning before Brad left for work and it had a faint 2nd line. Being so faint we didn’t think it meant much, I had taken tests the last two mornings and they had all been negative. I gave Brad a big hug and sent him off to work feeling a bit sad but a bit hopeful because there WAS a 2nd line. I went back to bed seeing as Brad leaves the house an hour before I even get up, but couldn’t sleep I kept thinking about that second line. An hour later I get up for work and think …I can’t stand it any longer I’m just going to waste ANOTHER digital test so I can stop thinking about this! Being as the morning is the best time to take the tests, I did it even though Brad wasn’t home. To my surprise it said …PREGNANT… well Pregnant but I was thinking PREGNANT?!?!?  I took this picture on my phone and sent it to Brad via text… I know the digital age!


His response: Oh my goodness!!!! Were havin a Baby!!!

It was all we could think about all day long going about our separate days at work. That was Wednesday morning August 24th 2011. When Brad got home from work we hugged and laughed and he made me take ONE MORE test to prove to him I was really pregnant. We had previously set up a dinner date with some good friends that had also recently found out they were pregnant so after work off we went to meet Ruby and Daniel and head up to P.F. Chang’s at Bridgeport Village. I was able to sew up this onsey that says + 1 after work and had Ruby snap a photo of Brad and I.

Baby_edit (2)

I framed them wrapped them up with a turquoise bow and we searched down our family the next night to give them their surprise. Everyone was super surprised and even more happy! We are so thankful for the support and encouragement of all of our friends and family. I went to my normal doctor the next day to make sure I was really pregnant and I got another positive test although my doctor did warn me I was very early on and even testing a bit early for my calculated LMP. When leaving the room she said who knows maybe its Twins? I laughed and my appointment was over.


I downloaded all the apps on my phone entered in my calculated due date and tried to keep our secret for as long as I could to protect myself in case anything were to happen. My first appointment with my baby doctor was set up for 10 weeks into my pregnancy I put a countdown widget on my phone, Brad got the day off and we were waiting the day to hear our little ones heartbeat. They day came and we were SO excited! We slept in, went out to breakfast, took franks on a walk and then got ready to head to the Doctors office. I made Brad bring the camera so we could video tape the heartbeat. (yes were those type of parents) We meet our doctor and went over all the normal questions got acquainted with one another and went forward with the exam. We were told that at 10 weeks it’s a little early to be able to hear the heartbeat so we may have to come back next week to try. I explained that Brad had the day off this week and we would like to at least try. Doctor was hesitant. After the exam we were told I felt a bit big for 10 weeks (THANKS!) and that I may be further along than we think and that she would try to hear the heartbeat. (Yay!) She got the Doppler (I think that’s what its called) and found the heartbeat! THE BEST SOUND EVER! Because we thought I might be further along I was scheduled to get an ultrasound to see exactly how far I was. They came back with a ultrasound appointment for the next day and were getting me ready to go. I again explained that I really wanted Brad to be there for the ultrasound and I would wait as long as needed if they could possibly squeeze me in today! The assistant called back Salem Radiology and they agreed to squeeze me in in about an hour and a half. #onehappypregomama

Being as I’m always hungry we went to lunch called our parents and told them we heard the heartbeat AND we get to go get an ultrasound!

I’ll be back with part TWO!