Helloooooo… Helloooo Out There!

Two years ago around this time Brad and I set our eyes on a little BIG guy named Franklin. We were in love. BUT it wasn’t that easy… we did love this guy but did we want him? This is the story of our first child. :)

Once Brad and I were married I started talking about getting a dog, specifically a Goldendoodle Puppy. We first lived in a downtown apartment = No Dog. So I did my research knowing we were only there temporarily, ended up being the first 5 months of our marriage. When we were in our house it was ON! We remodeled and decorated the entire house in a short period of time which kept me busy the first 5 months in the home but then… I was back to puppy search!

The problem with these puppies I was finding was the PRICE! They were so expensive (remember we just remodeled and decorated an ENTIRE home!) Brad wasn’t sold and Frankly (ha ha) either was I. We were also worried about the work involved with training a puppy. We have a busy lifestyle and knew a puppy would require a lot of attention. I started looking at our local shelters, The Willamette Valley Humane Society and The Marion County Shelter. I liked the idea of keeping my money out of a puppy mill or even a pricey breeder and putting it right into a loving dog that needs a home.

I saw Franklin on the Marion County Shelter (on my phone, in bed) and showed him to Brad. Brad just laughed. From the picture he didn’t seem to promising see… I had convinced Brad on a Goldendoole for a few reasons, they can be big, loyal (Brad has had a Golden Retriever), and if it has poodle in it it can be shaggy if we want! I liked that the poodle mean NO SHEDDING!

Franklin looked to be a small well shaved and manicured poodle at first glance. But I looked closer and his details said he was 62 pounds! Brad… hes BIG! If he is a poodle we can grow his hair out! B…not convinced. I went and visited Franklin on my lunch break the next day regardless.

He was very big and tall which I loved also timid and cuddly… almost just tired… But Soooo Sweet! I put him on hold and brought Brad back to meet him. Because we had decided a no-go on the puppy we liked the fact that Franklin was an adult dog and calm. Brad wondered if he was TOO CALM… the staff at the shelter assured us that he perks up when they take him out to play with his “brother” Bosley. We took him out and he maybe walked to the ball a bit faster but he was no puppy that is for sure! We were okay with it. He seemed sad… and we didn’t blame him for not wanting to play. The other problem was that he was so dirty and matted when they got him in that they had to shave him to practically nothing to get him cleaned up! This made him look VERY poodel-ey… like pink skin in your face poodle-ey. I assured Brad that I had seen his original picture and that his hair would grow!

Case in point (below!)

We took a night to think about it and got some advice from our friends and family. They had their reservations, we were told that most shelter dogs had problems, were not well behaved, and hard to train. He was too cute not to take the risk! We took the plunge and adoped Franklin from the shelter and have never looked back. They said he was a poodle mix and either 3 or 4 years old. He had to go to the vet to get all done up before we could take him home and boy was that a transition. Brad went and picked him up in his truck after work, poor Franklin was so scarred Brad couldn’t even get him into his truck. He had to go get one of the volunteers to help him lift him into the truck. He took him home and had to run somewhere right away… I was still at work.

My husband left a stray dog in my NEWLY REMODELED HOME unattended! He called me at work and I freaked! Honestly who does that?

Turns out Franklin was so scarred he didn’t move a inch in the hour Brad was gone. He was pretty scarred the first month or two we had him. He didn’t like the feeling of our hardwood floors, the stairs, or mirrors. Brad had to carry him outside to potty and down the stairs. He soon got the program down and now has no problem even jumping on out bed. :) Looking back on pictures from the past two years with Franks really crack me up especially the beginning when we thought we could train him to like a kennel.

I don’t let Franks clean my ears this is just a Father Son thing. 

He would rather sit on your lap than anywhere else. Did I mention he is now 96 Lbs!!!

One thing about our shelter dog is that he is a runner! He will run away and not come back if he doesn’t want to. This is a recent picture of Brad playing hide and go seek with Franks in attempts to catch him at my parents house. :)

He is a very patient Cousin.

Loves digging and getting dirty!

This is him looking at me like….What mom I’m with Amy leave me alone, She’s my Peep!

Franks we love you more than anything and can’t wait to spend many more years together! Now let’s go to bed and see if dad kicks you off! ;)