Guest Post:: Frost Baby #1

(Were going to catch all you “Our Celebrate Life” readers up on previous posts from our blog, if you follow our blog this will be a repeat!)

Adoption is something Patrick and I have been talking about since we were dating.

“Our plan” was to adopt after we’d had a few biological children – you know, in our thirties.

However, about 6 months ago God started moving in our hearts to seriously consider adoption NOW. At first, we found ourselves saying, no not yet. However, God has written our story specifically for us and ultimately to share HIS story through us. With that in mind, we began to pray about adoption. A lot. We began to feel God seriously move in us on this subject. We prayed that God would give us compassion for orphans right now in our current life, a compassion we could not ignore if this is what He had for us. We prayed that we would listen to His timing. We asked Him to speak in a way that we could not ignore. We only felt our hearts growing softer, as He continued to give us affirmation that we could not ignore.

We began praying for God to move in the hearts of our family members, that they would be receptive and supportive, because without their support the road would become more difficult, and basically impossible. We did not know what to expect, as we haven’t known anyone very close to us that has ever adopted, so getting a gage for our parent’s feelings on the subject was difficult. It wasn’t a topic that either Patrick nor I remember talking about often growing up.

We prayed and prayed for several months, pleading with God that He would soften, mold and shape the hearts of those we love, and adore so much if this is what He had for us. HE DID. He answered these prayers so specifically, there was no denying. Our hearts overflowed with thanks. We saw so clearly His compassion on us. My personal prayer life has changed because of this. And I believe it will continue to change and become more powerful throughout this journey.

After serious prayer and sharing with our family,we decided we were going to do this. We are going to adopt a baby! And our family is so excited and supportive, we are overjoyed!

We are going to adopt from Ethiopia.

Why Ethiopia?

  • Child trafficking
  • Poor education
  • Poverty
  • 1 out of every 8 children are orphans
  • Of 143 million orphans in the WORLD, Ethiopia has the most at 5 million.

We asked God to break our hearts for what breaks His, and He did. We have researched several countries that are open to adoption and have the most need, and with Ethiopia and beyond those statistics, Patrick and I both just felt something, we felt compassion, and a desire to be a part, to help – we didn’t feel that with any other country. Ethiopia has our heart already, and we feel for and pray for that country every day.

Just this morning we spoke with an adoptive family from our church that just brought their baby girl home from Ethiopia a year ago. She is adorable, and my heart melted. I don’t believe this conversation was an accident, or happened by chance. It was affirming.

A common question from the few we have told is, “Isn’t that expensive?” The answer is yes, very expensive. However, we as Christians are encouraged to step out in faith and believe in a God that provides, and makes Himself known. Sometimes the hardest area to step out in faith for me is financially, because I think the thought of money showing up out of “thin air” is abstract. Overall, I lack trust. This is a huge leap of faith for us, and we trust He will provide.

We believe that as Christians, God has called us all to be a part of caring for orphans whether that means actually caring for them, praying for them, or financially contributing to them, we have an obligation. Patrick and I believe we’ve been called to care for orphan(s).

“It’s important to know that you don’t always have to know how God will equip you to adopt before you begin praying , and planning toward adoption. I know it’s a Christian cliché to shrug and say, “God will provide” in the face of financial uncertainty, but the reason it’s a cliché is because God does indeed provide. Now, to be sure, God doesn’t promise to bless us with material prosperity, and he doesn’t indulge our foolish consumerist binges. But God repeatedly provides the means for willing men and women to become parents, including those He has called to adopt, even though sometimes, at first, it seems economically impossible.”

– Adopted For Life

To raise our funds we plan to save everything possible, and live as frugally as possible, however we can’t come up with $25,000 on our own. Not. even. close. We pray that God would move in the hearts of others to contribute financially, as well as pray for our future baby. We plan on doing one fund raiser, selling T-shirts to raise support and raise awareness, which we hope to begin shortly. Beyond that, we have put our trust and our hope financially in the only One capable of having it. God has already been so faithful in this area, and He is already working. We’ve already had a very kind financial contributions from someone that we have been floored by. So affirming. He is so good, and deserves all the glory.

We know this journey will be long (1.5-2 years+), we know there will be trials along the way, along with heartache, and lots of waiting but we trust that God will provide financially, emotionally beyond what we can imagine. He will answer prayers, He will move mountains, and He will make His name known. He always does. And isn’t that ultimately what we want? To make His name known.

Knowing this road will be long, we need your help along the way. We covet your prayers, your encouragement and your kind words. We wouldn’t be able to even consider adoption if we didn’t have loving and supportive family and friends. We realize that we have been blessed beyond what we deserve with the people God has placed in our life. We believe each and every person in our life has been placed there for a reason, and we can’t believe how generous God has been, to give us people like you.

It dawned on me the other day, that there are so many factors that have to come together for you to be successful in adoption, and I realized, having wonderful, and supportive friends and family is a huge part of that in the beginning and throughout the process. We are thankful that He has already orchestrated that detail, we are truly blessed with people who will walk this road with us. Without YOU, we would not and could not be successful. Thank you for being there.

We would love nothing more than for God to speak to YOU in a special way, and that you would be challenged and encouraged by what you can do for orphans.

Our hope is that we would not only be changed by our road to adoption, but that our (God’s) story would encourage and spur others on to take a new look at orphans and God’s love for them.

“God’s cost to adopt us (death on the cross) was infinitely greater than any cost we will endure in adopting and raising children.” – Reclaiming Adoption

Have questions? We would love to answer them! And if you are considering adoption at all, we would love to connect with you! This is a long road, and not one that can be walked alone.

Ephesians 3:20-21

“Now to Him who is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think according to the power at work within us, to Him be all the glory in the church and in Christ Jesus through all generations, forever and ever. Amen.”