Baby Frost:: (Partial) Guest Post!

Lets start at the beginning…my friend Siriana and I have gone to school together since she was in 3rd grade and I was in 4th at good ‘ol Salem Academy! You know how grade school goes though… you mostly pay attention to the kids in the grade above you not below you. This means Sear may have noticed me a bit more than I noticed her early on. ;) Lets be honest… I was more concerned with the moon shoes the 5th graders were bringing to recess. Fast forward 15 years we are dear friends that have been through… Grade School, Middle School, High School, College, Marriage, and soon to be Babies together!

I have chosen to share Siriana and her husband Patrick’s road to adoption here on my blog for several reasons.

  • Further awareness for adoption
  • Show support and get more support for Sear and Patrick’s journey
  • Show a different approach to becoming a First time Mom
  • Give you a good read! Sear is a hoot and an amazing Christ centered voice

You can get a sneak peek or just catch up at their blog HERE.

Below is a little intro to Siriana and Patrick… They will be posting several Guest Posts in the future to keep us posted on their Road to Adoption! We Love you Baby Frost!

Hey! We’re Patrick and Sear and we have been married for 2 years and despite our inability to water plants and keep them alive, we’ve decided to grow our family through adoption!

(I (Ashley) put in this photo! They are too cute not to show off!)

At first glance, we may not seem like the best candidates to be parents because:

  • Sear one time lost our 2 year-old nephew 10 seconds after committing to watch him.
  • Patrick’s daily search for his keys, wallet, and/or cell phone.
  • We both gag at the smell or site of baby poop.

Some things you should know right away…you might NOT like our blog/story if you are looking for tips on cooking (we don’t take pictures of our meals – who likes pictures of microwaved Smart Ones anyway?), decorating, and/or finding “deals”. But what you will find is a transparent picture of adoption and all it entails. If you’d like to check in with our blog/story to stay in the know on how to whip up a mean bowl of cereal, my fake commitments to 5k’s, 10k, half marathons and marathons, then we’re the right spot for you! As you get to know us you might chuckle frequently at Patrick’s quotes, my ideas, and interests, along with Patrick and I making major life decisions via text message.

As a means to “wet your appetite” you might appreciate this quote from Patrick. Recently, I (Sear) proposed that we may need to dry clean the seating pads on our dining room table chairs, because they were stained, Patrick responded, “Well, I don’t know if they NEED to be dry cleaned, I think the first step would be flipping them over.”

Welcome to our story!

The Frost’s