Night Before…Breakfast Casserole

We ah ah I received a very creative gift for our wedding that included this little recipe book. I have used it so much! One of my favorites is this Breakfast Casserole. It is PERFECT for that half loaf of french bread left over from Italian dinner… who am I kidding we rarely have left over bread from an Italian meal… between Brad and I a loaf of french bread doesn’t stand a chance. But once in a while I miss judge dinner guests appetite and french bread is left to stale oh so quick! SO instead cut it up into cubes… use the pan you already greased up with all that Italian cookin and brown some Sage Sausage, grate some cheese and pour mixed milk and eggs over the top and refrigerate.

Bake in the next day or two and you have a EASY Breakfast! I didn’t take step by step photos because its really just that easy… it would have been an insult to your skills.. trust me.