Land of Forgotten Crafts:: Framed Chalk Board – DIY

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Recently I took on a painting I purchased at UGM (Union Gospel Mission) half off of $12.95. I had always intended to make a chalk board out of it but well… you know how distracted I get. This photo was taken of my craft room back in MARCH, there it sat half spray painted leaned up against the wall begging to be finished. It sat in the garage for months before it made it down here.

I took it outside on a nice day.. dusted it off and sprayed away!

Fun fact: my Mom swears they had this exact painting in her house growing up… seemed like she was a little upset I was painting over it ;)

After the paint dried I took it inside to tape it off and start with the chalk board paint

Not noticing that my Franks was “playing” with my duster…

Who me? I was right here… with my bone the whole time… Honest.

Once I did a few coats of paint and it was all dry I pulled of the tape! I was super excited at this point…but… wooomp….wooomp….woooommmm


I went back with a paint brush and the spray paint and touched up ALL these marks on the inside of the frame. Live and learn.

To condition the chalk board you have to chalk it all up! This was the worst part for me… as I don’t like having dirty hands… and dusty is the WORST.

Then your left with this mess!

Ta da!!


I’m so tough, don’t mess with me in my craft room!

Sneak peek… What a nice lil blanket! Be back with that!

Go forth and finish forgotten projects!!

Ps sorry for all the picture exposures being so OFF taken on different days in different lights and I don’t feel like editing. Deal with it! ;)