Haulin Aspen Marathon:: August 7th 2011

 Okay everyone sorry it has taken me so long to post about our big marathon weekend but we have had some crazy stuff go down here in the Reynoso Household I’ll update you later on that. For now…. pictures… A LOT  of pictures from the Haulin Aspen Trail Marathon!

This is the morning of our big run… we woke up had breakfast and coffee and we were SUPER nervous… Brad is a quiet nervous person and as if your surprised I’m more vocal about it ;)

Katie was super excited and also nervous!

There were NOT toilets on the trail so I defiantly came prepared!!

At the house before we left.

Brad at the starting line warming up

Katie was so enthusiastic and everyone there was SO SERIOUS at this point we felt  so unprepared

AHHHH at this point I was thinking am I REALLY going to do this?!?

We got out handy dandy water bottles. They were a life saver!

Dad’s amazing photo skills Our Dad’s rode their bikes along the rode for our first mile to get these action shots we were very embarrassed thankful!

Notice the nice Nike sweatshirt my dad has on? Its mine :)
I “ran” into a friend… jk “made” a friend while we were on about mile 13 UPHILL… He was nice enough to take this photo of me on my phone camera! Thanks Mike Davis!

After our 14 miles uphill we then had to go DOWN hill another 12.2 miles At about mile 24 we were able to see our family at the ONLY spectator cheer spot!! ONLY… that is all they gave us one spot that our family could offer us encouragement it was super sweet that they placed that at mile 24… don’t worry I didn’t need any encouragement before that… I was good! ;) Truth is about mile 20-26.2 I was a wreak…Super… Tired, Hurting, Hot, EMOTIONAL…Above Brad looks super happy about mile 24… Below Katie flashed her peace sign and even stopped and posed…. All I could do was cry/yell to my Dad… “I don’t ever want to do this again!!” Somehow he got this picture below where I don’t look too upset…

Brad came back to get me the last little bit… I obviously broke down again when I saw him…  Finishing!!! I remember thinking… I should smile…then thinking that sounded like way too much work. We all finished!  Katie was called up to get her FIRST PLACE Ribbon for her age group.. She was a little excited about it :) I didn’t get the look at each other memo The Reynoso Team! Our family support was AMAZING!

What a stud!

I couldn’t have done this without him! ALL the training wouldn’t have been possible without his support and encouragement.

Did I mention it was his birthday?!? Brad ran 26.2 miles on his 26th Birthday!

Baby your the best!