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We have been busy lately soaking up summer  and I had a few phone pics to share.

My parents have 10 puppies for sale… its pretty obvious but… THEY ARE SO CUTE! (no they aren’t locked in this small kennel they have a large area. They just get excited when people come to take pictures of them:) )

They get pretty excited to eat

Pick me!

I got to go to little miss Ada’s FIRST HAIR CUT! And of course Hair by Breanna Johnson! Ada did such a good job as normal… what a sweetheart!

My garden is getting bigger…

 Middle front is the romaine lettuce… when do I cut it? Do I just cut it at the bottom? Does more grow back? Can ANYONE help me with this?!?!

Green Peppers… I have a question about these too… I picked the ONE that it came with and it was SOOO bitter! I assume it was to early? How do I know when to pick them?

Bought this desk off Craigslist for $20!!! It has a kinda speckled brown black finish… kinda dates it… I’m debating what color to paint it… I have pulled some inspiration from Pinterest!! I want to keep the top black leather top with gold detail its in AMAZING condition!

Which one do we like? Did you find something better on Pinterest?

Via Pinterest

Via Pinterest

Via Pinterest

Would love some feed back!