Lasagna Soup…. Yummm

I know its summer and soup isn’t something that’s normally on the radar but when I saw this on Pinterest I had to make it! So here it is Lasagna Soup!

Brad was my Sous Chef … he read me some details and then looked confused when I didn’t follow him exactly. But remember…. I’m not very good at following recipes OR buying the correct ingredients.

Here is the Recipe from Pinterest originally from


I didn’t have the bay leaves so I just added some Italian Seasoning. I don’t know why.. I’m sure it doesn’t have anything bay leaf-ey in it… but made me feel better about the situation.

I didn’t have “fire roasted diced tomatoes” whole tomatoes were going to have to due… thought I could at least get the diced right… so I went at it… FAIL. My wells in the cutting board couldn’t even contain it.

I may or may not be a PRETTY messy cook.

Looking good…

Zuchinni makes everything better (Not called for in the recipes,I added this)

I think the noodles it called for were actual noodles… I just had Lasagna so I just broke it into pieces. My pieces were too large… I will buy the noodles next time.. or break the Lasagna smaller.

Make the Cheesey Yum…. (Which I didn’t picture)

And… TA DA!

Way too long after I remembered I didn’t add my basil from my basil plant… booo. But I did remember that I had a Reese’s in the bottom drawer..yaaa :)

While I was eating this Brad was doing this…B-A-B-E!

(Don’t pay attention to his very wrinkled PJ shirt… most defiantly pulled from the mound of clean clothed in the guest bedroom… folding Par-TAY anyone?!?)

Was this from this MORNING?!? Did I mention I’m thankful he cleans up MOST always when I cook! LOVE YOU!