There are investments in life that mean more to some people than others. My husband seems to think real estate and 401K’s are {for now} the way to go. I on the other hand believe a great investment for me at the age of 25 is more like a pair of cowboy boots. :) If you remember I recently talked about wanting these, however I later saw these and fell further in love. They were pushing my budget further than my previous pushing…. But I shopped around. I originally saw them on and had NO coupon code. [I rarely buy anything online without a coupon code] I realized that the seller was in an effort to cut out the middle man I headed over to today and saw that they were the same price…. Boooo. BUT, I had yet to check for a coupon code… google… coupon code…. click… …. and see a $50 off coupon…. SHOESAVINGS.

This made my new WAY BETTER pair only $10 more than my last PUSHING the budget pair. Speaking of budget… don’t think this is a normal budget for me for a pair of shoes. It was a special amount of money I had planned to spend on my “Investment” :) So I did it today… I got my boots and they should be here in plenty of time for Oregon Country Jamboree 2011





The perfect round toe…

I told Brad and Franks about my exciting investment I bought today and I got this reaction… Brad is signaling that I am quote on quote crazy.