How to cut a Watermelon

I don’t know if its just me… but I find myself avoiding buying watermelons regardless of how YUMMY they are because it seems like they are such a struggle to cut up….a sticky…. juicy….messy…. pain.  Lucky for me my mom makes the best cut up watermelon Watermelon Salad. She has taught me how to cut them but, to me it still seemed like too much work.

I watch a show on the Food Network called Chopped. The challenge? They have seconds to plan and 30 minutes to cook an amazing course with the basket of mystery ingredients given to them moments before the clock starts ticking! With this time constraint I am often taught ways of preparing food quicker by simply watching these seasoned chefs techniques in breaking down foods. One of which has recently been WATERMELON! When watching I thought “Why don’t I do it that way… seems so simple.” So… I did… and I’m not going back.

A few key things to consider::

  • Choose a Seedless Watermelon
  • Knock on the Watermelons and find a good deep hollow sounding one (This is what my mom taught me and has seemed to work for our family) Do you have another “picking out a Watermelon trick?”
  • Choose a nice evenly shaped Watermelon to make it easiest to cut
  • Use a large sharp knife
  • Use a cutting board that has a “well” around the edge so the juices don’t run off and make a huge mess
  • Bring your garbage can close to you so you can easily throw away the rind as you go
  • Have your container or bowl ready before you get started… sticky hands rifling through cupboards makes for more clean up

Note:: Click on the first photo to see the step by step instructions… the photo will pop up larger and allow you to scroll through all the photos.