What’s Your Combo?

This is Sheena saying Welcome back to the Lake!

My half and half camp toast… Brad thought this was funny.

Why are the girls setting up the awning?!? ;) In reality the men did 99% of the work.

Looks like she ran to the lake huh?!? Hardly… don’t let her cute workout outfits fool you.

First outing with the floaties… they needed a good cleaning.

See moms cute new “take to the dock” basket? It worked well I must say.

While sunbathing and snacking Jessica asked me point blank… Whats your combo? I knew what she was referring to. I don’t know if its a normal question but I do know its “normal” to Jes and I… we are quite particular when it comes to our food.

:: My Combo ::

We HEART Detroit!

:: Jess Combo ::

The boys fished ALL day!

Made for some good Trout Tacos!

Us girls fished for a while… Sheen caught this ittle fish… he got to go swim back home… I like fish… I don’t feel bad eating animals… but in reality I don’t like seeing them die… I am a much better Catch and Release fisher.

This picture proves they are two peas in a pod on that boat. ha ha

The men working hard to get ALL the lines in.

I fed this duck for a good portion of our fishing… he kept getting in the way of the lines… oops… Hims was so hungry!

:: Sheens Combo ::

Thanks for taking us fishing Dad!

:: Moms Combo ::

So cute… that one got to go swim back home too!! Yay!

Whats your Combo?