The land of forgotten crafts…

Sometimes their are craft projects that I get really excited about….

Sometimes I get so excited I go straight out to buy the required materials….

Sometimes I start these projects at my very next possible opportunity….

Sometimes I don’t get the appropriate amount of time to finish these projects in one setting….

Sometimes I start this process right back at the top BEFORE I finish the last project….

Sometimes this drives me crazy….

Sometimes I’m okay with it as long as I have another project to be excited about….

Sometimes I wonder if I will ever actually finish craft projects I was once VERY excited about….

Enter the Land of Forgotten Crafts!!! (It’s a scary place let me tell you, enter IF you dare! )

Exhibit A: Felt Heart Wreath….

When I started this it was uhhh January and I was right on track for having this ittle girl on my front door by February…. above is as far as I got. My problem was I was WAY to precise when cutting the circles AND packed them way too tight together. It did give it a very cute full look but lets be realistic I wasn’t going to make the amount of red circles I needed to complete it. My idea to rescue this poor wreath from The Land of Forgotten Crafts was to take out all my original hard work the felt circles and put them back in more sparse as well as cut the remaining amount of red felt that I had left.  So here I go…

(Click pictured below to make them bigger)

If you would like to see the tutorial I used it is HERE.  The things I did different was, mark little dots on the wreath so I could space the one row perfectly. Then after the first row go back and add another and so on. That way its more even… before it was wayyyyy bottom/right heavy.

Okay, one craft rescued from The Land of Forgotten Crafts MANY more to go….