The Lake

This last weekend we set up at “The Lake”

Detroit Lake is… to us… “The Lake”, my family has been members of the NSSC (North Santiam Sportsman Club) for FOREVER. More recently the club has got threats from the forestry department of closing the club and making the grounds public. Were crossing our fingers that this doesn’t happen! Back to setting up… at the beginning of the summer season we set up camp and it stays up all summer long. All we have to bring is clothes, food, and ourselves to go camping. These pictures were taken after set up and also the next day.

Typically camp is a “no dog” zone (Dad’s rule) although because we were just going up, setting up,  spending the night and heading back… we brought the Frankster. He only dug in dad’s “natural landscape” once. AND… I told dad I tripped and that’s why it “looked” dug up… so Franks your in the clear… moms got your back.  Although in the picture above it doesn’t really look like he wanted to be there as much as I wanted him to. I’m thinking he has more fun at Aunt Amy’s house with Haylie.

This camp site above is one right by my parents, my brother and I have had our name on the waiting list if the current members were to leave. Turns out this last winter they resigned from the club and Travis’ name was called on for the site. Travis took the site and then… decided to move to Arizona. SO NOW…. it is technically our site (Brad &I) BUT… because our lease (with the forestry department) is in negotiation, they aren’t able to assign us to the site. (Its all so technical!)  So for now I will, take pictures, measure, shop sales, and dream of what it will look like once I get my hands on it.

View of The Lake from our “future” camp site… aww … a little piece of heaven.

Okay Franks… lets go home! Camps up… now the fun starts!