T to the Joe’s


If you live in Salem you for sure already know this. I went for the first time yesterday on my lunch break and defiantly didn’t have enough time to soak in all its awesomeness.  I will be back….

Basil $2.99 for this HUGE plant

Bought myself a TJ Grocery Bag… this may be a new habit of mine… although I most always forget to bring them into the grocery store on my next trip… so I buy another one… its a vicious cycle.

Bought these chips to eat in the car on my way back to work… if you look close… and really know me… you know this turned out to be a total fail… UNSALTED?!?! Boooooo.

Have you been to TJ’s yet? What did you think? Better yet, if you are a seasoned TJ’er what are some of your favorite  must have items?

I’m hoping ya’ll give me some direction for my next trip… It all looks so GOOD!