Sarah and her Bunkie

I assume most of you have been watching Sarah’s Summer House… Its pretty amazing. There is a BIT too much PINE for my taste… whitewashed or not.. its ALOT. BUT, it is beautiful. This last Saturday premiered the I think last episode where she built a Bunkie.

Sarah’s house was originally aired in Canada so some language that is used is a bit foreign… like…. Bunkie! I think it sounds so fun, and as it turned out it is. It is basically a small one room cabin a short distance from the actual house…. just a room…. much like a tent…only a bit way nicer.

So here’s to a Bunkie some day… or maybe a Summer house for that matter!

P.S… is she not the most ADORABLE pregnant woman ever!?!?

P.S.S… She made those side table lamps out of a tree they had to cut down… love them!