Just keep running… just keep running…

One month down in our marathon training and I figure I have stuck with it long enough to give you a few tips if you decide to go for a run or two. If you don’t have an iPod or simply feel naked without your phone, take it with you!  I take my Droid X with me and run two very important apps Pandora and Cardiotrainer. Pandora allows you to enjoy whatever style of music you are in the mood for at the touch of a button and best part is its FREE. You do have to listen to a commercial or two every so often but its not often enough to bother me. Cardio Trainer is specifically an android app that uses GPS to track your speed, distance, and calories burned among MANY other things it can track or you can log. It keeps a history of your workouts and even has a cool “How far have I gone?” page. Because you care… I have run a total of  64.90 miles in the last 4 weeks! (toot, toot… that’s my own horn in case your confused)

After we OFFICIALLY registered for the Haulin Aspen marathon I talked with my Uncle Rod who has run several, and is doing an IRON MAN in June. RIDICULOUS! He told us that the most important thing for us to do is get the proper shoes and insoles. He recommended that we head up to Road Runner Sport in Tualatin although I have also heard that Gallagher Fitness Resources here in Salem is wonderful!

So the next night after work we headed up, they put us on a treadmill to recorded the way we run, how we balance our weight, and all the technical stuff they know so I don’t have to.  They call it the Shoe Dog. They fit insoles to our feet just like the picture here.

It was pretty cool. They took A LOT of time teaching, helping and finding both Brad and I the perfect shoes for this adventure.

My shoes…which… I got asked the other day if they were SHAPEUPS honestly… I thought they were cute before that comment.

Brads Pearli Zumi’s ARE pretty cute and haven’t been mistaken for shapeups.


I could tell right away that the shoes and insoles were going to make a difference and they have! We have had less pain in our knees but sad to say still pain in our legs… I’m pretty sure there is no avoiding that when running the amount of miles we are these days. Speaking of long distances I ran my longest run this last weekend and  before hand I wasn’t sure I could do it. My last long run I did with my sister Katie and I was pretty positive she was the only reason I finished. Turns out I can do it on my own. I have been surprising my self throughout this whole training process. Not trying  to toot my own horn, because honestly if I can do it you can do it, it just seems to take a lot of time, patience and positive self talk! When I want to stop I just think….Just keep running….Just keep running

All these things combined have provided a good recipe for success.

After a long run don’t forget to Protein up! This is our stash!

If anyone wants to join me I have 4 miles on Thursday!