Christmas in June:: Land of Forgotten Crafts

Previously in The Land of Forgotten Crafts… Exhibit A: Felt Heart Wreath

Today in The Land of Forgotten Crafts…Exhibit B: Christmas Card Wreath

I bought materials for this wreath well before Christmas let me tell you….. My Sister Kristen had cut this wreath out of the Better Homes and Gardens Magazine and we thought we would try it. Turns out she did… and I well… kept everything to be done at a later date. I think I was too busy quilting during that period of time. I get a little obsessive compulsive about things. :) Ask Brad… when I brought home the quilting gloves I hit an all time CRAZY in his eyes. (THEY HELP A LOT)

So here we go… me… finishing another craft… Christmas Card Wreath in June.

Christmas Card Wreath

“It’s easy to transform a simple wreath into a Christmas card display. Wrap a straw wreath with upholstery webbing (available at fabrics stores), using small sewing pins to secure. Tie a bow at the top and loop a length through the back to hang. If the recipient loves vintage collectibles, attach antique Christmas cards to the wreath with binder clips. Or include a small tin of clips with the wreath so the recipient can add their own cards as desired.”

Another craft rescued from The Land of Forgotten Crafts!