Can I help you find something today?

Ummm ………….Sure……..Nuts?

Perhaps you have seen this “Nut Bracelet” (ha ha) floating around Pinterest lately? Have you thought to yourself… that’s cute, I would like some more gold jewelry without having to fork over some actual GOLD to get it?”

Well we saw and we conquered. Let me be more specific… my Sister Kristen saw AND conquered. She blazed the trail for the rest of the ladies in the family to follow behind.  A few weeks ago she made this bracelet and because my cousin Jessica is in town we decided to get crafty! It was quite the shopping trip to get the “essentials” to make this “one” piece of jewelry. If you know our family you know it couldn’t be that easy… OH NO.

We stated off at Craft Warehouse where we found the string-ish hemp (I believe) to use as the string, theoretically that is all we needed at Craft Warehouse BUT I remembered a additional bracelet I saw on my Pinterest and was inspired to get the materials for that as well.  We were there a LONG time… Longer that my mom wanted to be there I know for sure.

Really Ash?

Spot that 75% off sign?!?! ………..Heck Yes!

Lovin’ the Beads!

Looks Good Kris!

My Pretty Stash

Hardware Store

Nuts & Bolts

Self check out… Control Freak?!?!….. MAYBEEEEEEE

Oh the Selection

Work with me People!


Yes, we did make Lowes price match Home Depots price!………..2 for the price of 1

The set up

Then my camera died….

Finished Product. The Tutorial that Kristen did said to just tie it on your wrist. She tried this… but what a pain. So we came up with the idea of this larger Nut and hoop system. Seems to work good.

Ta da!

Go ahead make one… Go NUTS!

You know you want to!