Our Weekend

Saturday B and I hung out at home for the morning then made our way down to the Saturday Market to pick out our starts for the mini garden. Then headed to Best Buy to get…. my long anticipated Camera!  This photo above is the first one I took!

More about my camera later… for now I will simply post in a disclaimer that I played with this new camera all weekend and have yet to sit down and actually read and learn how to use it… so the following photos are well…. photos.

After Best Buy we headed over to Target to pick up a few things. If you must know, I am obsessed with flossing. It really can be a problem. I recently tried to “cut back” and buy cheaper travel flossers and it was a wreak I could barely get them in between my teeth and one part of the floss actually got stuck in between Brads tooth. Fail. Thankfully my “good” “expensive” travel flossers were on sale! Horayyyy!

Next stop was a graduation party for Miss Stephanie where my dad and I got this photo, and of course the food was AMAZING!

After that we went to our good friends BFFL’s (why did I write good friends?) house to help each other. Brad helped Ryan do some excavation in the back yard….


And Megan with Red Pearl Designs helped me figure out the whole WordPress.com to WordPress.org business. Boy was that a process! She is the best friend a girl could have really!

Sunday we played “hookie” from church (which I’m not proud of, and don’t want to talk about anymore ) I snapped this picture of Frankie. He’s O-So-Cute!

Brad mowed the yard, and as seen here painted the shutters among many other things.

We planted our ittle garden (like little but smaller its just, “ittle”)

These are the starts and bigger than starts that we got at the Saturday Market.

Last year my bell peppers didn’t do so well… like didn’t grow anything. Brad thought he would set me up for success this year by picking out the largest bell pepper plant he could find and one WITH a pepper already on it. In his words… “At least we know were getting one this year!” REAL FUNNY B!

We had our BIGGEST run so far scheduled for Sunday. Knowing I wouldn’t be able to do it alone I recruited my Sister Katie to run with me.

We finished and took this photo. Yes that is a 8 we are making with our hands.


There ya have it!