Its my Sisters fault

I have 3 Sisters (in-law’s) one of which recently ran in the Eugene Marathon!


Katie your a Rock Star!


This started us thinking, could we run a marathon? Of course its possible, but were we willing to put as much hard work and dedication into training as Katie did the past 4 months? Well, apparently the answer is YES. Brad and I have both signed up for the Haulin Aspen Trail Run in Bend, Oregon on August 7th. August 7th also happens to be my lovely Husbands 26th birthday. :) We have almost 2 weeks of training under our belt and are feeling the transformation in our bodies as we are O-So-Sore!

With this said training I have come to realize I am MUCH slower than Brad and have thus recruited a running buddy. Siriana is a dear friend of mine from way back in the SA (Salem Academy) days.

We have had practice running together in the past via High School Basketball, only this time she is replacing white sweatbands…..

…with Nike hats! A welcomed change. (no, that goof above is not actually Sear from HS ;) )


Although she has yet to register for the Haulin Aspen Race, I have faith she will give in here soon. Our training schedule calls for an 8 mile Sunday run…. I’m wondering how this is going to be possible.

My 6 mile was supposed to be 7 mile run yesterday about put me over the edge.

One day at a time.