Adorable summer skirts

The day I got my camera we went to Hancock Fabrics to get some supplies for a  camera bag insert that I have yet to make. Hopefully another day another post, if I stop getting distracted. While I was in the such fabric store I spied a fabric I couldn’t leave without. Thankfully Brad was waiting in the car, purchasing fabric that isn’t intended for THE EXACT project I headed in there for is a big NO NO. I get things like this….

B: What are you going to make with that? A: Don’t know yet but its so cute.

B: You don’t even know how much you need. A: Well… I’ll just get 1 yard.

B: Babe, just come back when you know what your going to make.

A’s wheels in her head are turning as to what she could possibly make with the 1 yard and what other supplies she would need.

B rolls his eyes with a deep sigh.

You see? None of that had to happen because he was in the car. SO I could process all this in my own head and get the fabric and the elastic I THINK I might need. Which I did. Alas I’m home dying for a day off work so I can bust into this fabric. I found a few tutorials (here and here and here) and used parts from each to make two skirts for two of my favorite little girls.

It starts with a little something like this…

and the Fabric I couldn’t leave behind…

I took a few photos along the way, some were taken at night and some the next morning. If I knew how to use my camera you wouldn’t be able to tell which was which. But, not quite there.

Its all about the Ruffle

Ta-da! This one is for my Niece Jacklin

Because this is a casual Jersey fabric I left the edges of the ruffle raw

And because I hear Scrunchies are BACK! I couldn’t resist

After feeling the success from my first skirt, I tried my luck at a different design for a smaller little girl I know :)


I can’t get over how cute this turned out! I specifically used this Tutorial over at Simply Modern for this one. She actually shows you how to make it out of an old shirt! Re-Purpose!

Miss Adelaide… Can not wait to see pictures of you rockin’ this thing! Hugs and Kisses from OREGON!

Seemed to go pretty good for my first real attempt at sewing clothing!