Frost Wedding

To Mr and Mrs. Frost:
Since I now know that you are checking my blog on your Honeymoon!!! ha ha I thought I would post a little tid bit for you. That way tomorrow when you check it again you will have something new to read. I mean you can only watch the videos of my neighbors throwing rocks in our yard so many times! Enjoy!

My Friends Sear and Patrick Frost were Married July 10th 2009 and it was beautiful! I had the honor of being the first to see all her flowers as I picked them up for her! :) I actually didn’t take too many pictures Gosh Darn IT! But here are a few! (I also took one from a facebook friend!)

Cup Cake Cakes get CUTER and CUTER ever time I see them!!! Job well done Sear!
The scrabble theme was evident throughout the entire wedding! So Fun!
The Beautiful Bride

Matron of Honor Andrea

Me and the Husband!